To Dye For

It's hard enough to be a year ten student who doesn’t fit in, but when Beth’s teacher catches her daydreaming about Mikolos, her world comes crashing down. Not only did Jenny pipe in to make things worse, but the teacher assigned a school project about Hierapolis as Beth’s punishment! 

The idea of standing in front of everyone and presenting something clever seemed impossible.  Just the idea of it was enough to make Beth forget she had a younger sister. Of course, Grace was never afraid to make herself the centre of attention.

Grace wanted nothing more than her older sister’s time… as long as it was being used to take her to play with her friend Marty.  Grace loved spending time with her older sister, her schoolmates and even her imaginary fairy friends.  Beth envied Grace’s ability to take things as they came as much as she envied Grace’s strawberry blonde hair, and that is when Beth came up with an idea.



Chris-Jean Clarke